Who We Are

Growing in Downtown Dartmouth Since 2018

Very Local Greens was started as a boutique urban farm located in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It was housed in two 40′ reused freight containers, which were specially designed to allow for year-round growth of clean, ultra-fresh, hyper-local leafy greens. However, the business has since transitioned from growing greens to supporting and educating people on how to grow at home.

With a wealth of trusted knowledge in the area of growing greens, lettuces, and herbs, the team at Very Local Greens has much to share. In their previous vertical hydroponic system, they grew lettuce, specialty greens, herbs, and edible flowers for the finest restaurants and select markets in Halifax and the surrounding area. They also had the capability of growing boutique crops and hard-to-find niche produce with precision timing.

Their farms used LED lighting and a closed-loop watering system to grow with minimal carbon footprint in areas that would otherwise not be suitable for farming. They were passionate about their role in the future of food and food security in Nova Scotia. Now, they are dedicated to supporting and educating people in their communities on the benefits and techniques of growing their own food, utilizing their wealth of knowledge in the area of growing greens, lettuces, and herbs.

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The Future of Farming

Our mission has evolved to support individuals and communities in growing their own healthy produce using the most sustainable methods possible. We aim to achieve this through education and empowering our communities with the knowledge and tools to grow their own food.

We believe in reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-heavy imports and increasing the resilience of our food system by promoting urban agriculture and home growing. We see urban agriculture as a way to build strong communities through shared opportunity, capacity building, and a collaborative approach to complex challenges.

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and resources to support our communities in growing their own healthy, sustainable food. Our goal is to create a more self-sufficient and resilient food system, one garden and community at a time.

If you’re considering an urban farm venture we salute you!