Newham Bibb
Newham Bibb Lettuce

Glossy, rounded leaves with a subtle but pleasant bitterness, and a crisp, buttery texture.

Cherokee Summer Leaf
Cherokee Summer Leaf Lettuce

Juicy lettuce with a good crunch, wide leaves, and nice tight heads.

Salanova Green Crisp
Salanova Green Crisp Lettuce

The acclaimed, rockstar salad lettuce that falls into a perfect salad with one cut.

Teodore Butterhead

A tender butterhead with excellent flavour and deep red blushed leaves.

Salanova Oakleaf

Beautiful, tight rosettes of delicately lobed leaves make for a stunning salad.

New Red Fire Leaf

Fluffy, juicy leaves form nice heads of tasty, all-purpose leaf lettuce.

Specialty & Plating Greens

Red Pac Choi

This stunning green has a mild earthy mustard flavour and meaty but delicate texture. Great fresh or sautéed.

Bull’s Blood Beet Greens

These specialty beet greens are a gorgeous dark red perfect for making dishes pop.


This ‘Miz America’ variety mizuna is striking with its a purple leaves and green stems. Spicy mustard-like flavor.


Succulent and juicy spoon-shaped leaves with bright green stems. Great fresh or sautéed.

Red-Veined Sorrel

The most striking of greens. Instant elevation of any salad or plate, with a bright lemony flavour to boot.

Mustard Frills

Brace yourself. These large mustard ‘fronds’ bring the heat. A chef favorite for plating – use whole for drama, or separate greens from the stem for smaller accents.

Edible Flowers


Bright blue beauties typically used for their petals to dress up plates and pastries. Neutral flavour.


Adorable little gems with different markings in a variety of colours including blue, purple, yellow, and orange. Slight wintergreen flavour. A bartender favorite.


Borage (also known as Starflower), adds a distinct sweet and cooling cucumber flavour, with a bright blue hue.


Pea Shoots

So fresh and so green, green. The go-to shoots for salads, sandwiches, plating, and more.


The sweetest of the sweet. A sugar punch! This unusual crop adds interest to desserts and other dishes.

More to Come…

We’re testing new micro crops this very minute. Contact us for availability and pre-orders.



You’ve never had Cilantro like this. Ultra-fresh, no dirt, no grit, and so much flavour.


Fluffy, dense, leafy dill for seasoning and plating. Super fresh and clean.


Basil is the thorn in many a chef’s side, as it is so prone to spoilage. Our basil experiences climate control and bare-bones transportation – it’s flawless and keeps much longer than the grocery store alternative.