Our favorite “home size” grow wall

The iHarvest hydroponic lettuce and herbs growing system is a modern and efficient solution for growing fresh, organic greens right in your own home. It utilizes an hydroponic system that delivers nutrient-rich water directly to the roots, promoting faster growth and reducing water usage compared to traditional soil-based methods. The system also features LED grow lights to provide optimal lighting conditions for growth. The self-contained design ensures a clean and mess-free experience, making it a great option for those who want to take control of their food source. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to hydroponics, the iHarvest system makes it easy to grow fresh, nutritious greens year-round.

The iHarvest® Complete Package includes everything you need to grow your own, healthy food. This includes:

The iHarvest® • 2 Lights • 2 Light Stands • Trellis • Pump • Starter Pack of Seeds • Nutrient Tester • pH Tester • Nutrients, pH Conditioner and Rapid Rooter • Net Cups & Clips

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